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I' m creating two Forms in Access to use as data entry forms. In trying to get that " Add Submeasure" button to work though I keep getting the error mentioned in the title. Browse other questions tagged forms vba ms- access runtime- error or ask your own question. The error 2501 can occur on calling OpenForm if there is a problem with the database. Can you please try. In my case, I had a table linked to an external data source, which was another Access database. I had ntime Error 2501 can occur on calling the OpenForm method if there is a problem with the database. I had exactly the same error when I wanted to open a form containing a sub form whose data was located in another. Good day all my smart people, Here is my code: Private Sub cmdEmailRpt_ Click ( ) Dim FileName As String Dim FilePath As String Dim oOutlook As Outlook. Application Dim oEmailItem As MailItem ' Save the report as a pdf file. Ditto to Phillipe' s answer. you didn' t give us the whole procedures but you need to do something like this.

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    Sub MyButton_ Click On Error Goto myError DoCmd. OpenReport vBerichtName, nAnsicht MyExit: Exit Sub MyError: If. I keep getting the 2501 error code and it won' t open frm_ partdata I have checked the forms on open properties and these are clear. Putting a breakpoint in the code I can see it is picking up the right form and the right part. 2501) : The Save Action Was Canceled. Hi all, Recently I am getting this message in a. Form - Error No Current Record On Save; Forms : : Unable To Edit / Save Record - Runtime Error 2107; General : : Access Will Not. The following example is from my form which has a command button to save the current record. It suppresses that " RunCommand action was canceled" message as I think you wish. SaveRecord End Sub Private Sub SaveRecord( ) Dim strMsg As String On Error GoTo ErrorHandler DoCmd. ExitHere: Exit Sub ErrorHandler: Select Case Err. Number Case 2501 ' The RunCommand action was canceled.

    MS Access using function on onclick event of button. I' m struggling with a vb macro in access that returns a " runtime error 2501 outputto action was cancelled". The codes is intended to break up a 1690 page report into 338 five page pdfs, name them, and save in a file. MS Access VBA auto cancels OutputTo ( Error 2501). I am trying to configure a function that will automatically generate a folder of pdfs for a user based on the user inputting the report type they want and a file path they want to save. Error 2501 appears between 2- 76 loop repetitions in, rarely at the same point twice. Access RunTime Error 2501 - OpenQuery Action Cancelled.